Chat App using Nextjs


Chat-Hub is a free open source chat room built with React Js with Firebase as the backend.

Live Demo:

Website Link 👉 Click Me

Installation :

  1. Run this on local machine ?

    Clone this repository

     git clone
  2. Install all packages :

    npm install or yarn install

  3. Runs the app in the development mode.

    npm start

    Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in the browser.

  4. Create an.env file in the root directory and add your firebase config tokens there, or hard code it in firebase. initializeApp
    NOTE :  In the assign variable, put your firebase key values.

    REACT_APP_apiKey = apiKey
    REACT_APP_authDomain = authDomain
    REACT_APP_projectId = projectId
    REACT_APP_storageBucket = storageBucket
    REACT_APP_messagingSenderId = messagingSenderId
    REACT_APP_appId = appId
    REACT_APP_measurementId = measurementId
  5. Create a firebase web app and a firebase store database, then paste the firebase config token into firebase-chat/src/App.js

      apiKey: "process.env.apiKey",
      authDomain: "process.env.authDomain",
      projectId: "process.env.projectId",
      storageBucket: "process.env.storageBucket",
      messagingSenderId: "process.env.messagingSenderId",
      appId: "process.env.appId",
      measurementId: "process.env.measurementId",
  6. Deploy it on any of your favourite website hosting services.

    1. Netlify
    2. Vercel
    3. Cloudflare Pages
    4. Firebase hosting
    5. Render

Enjoy everything is working now ✨

Aug 12 2021