NodeJs Scrapper and Data Sync to Notion

TLDR Scrapper and Sync Data to Notion

A Nodejs and cheerio news scraper that scrapes the most recent tldrtech page and returns Programming and Github information, then uploads that data into the notion database

How does it works?

It scrapes data from site and uploads to notion


To get started, you'll need a notion account, a notion page, and a craete database.


  1. Go to Notion Dashbaord

  2. Click on New page

Step 2 screenshot

  1. Click on table

Step 3 screenshot

  1. Click on New database

Step 4 screenshot

  1. Create new databse

Step 5 screenshot

  1. Check the url and make a note of Databse ID

Take note of this after /  and before ? mark this is your DATABASE_ID Step 6 screenshot

  1. Click on New integration

Step 7 screenshot

  1. Type your integration name

Step 8 screenshot

  1. Click on Submit

Step 9 screenshot

  1. Click on show

Take a note of this screate key it is your notion key Step 11 screenshot

  1. Click on Share

Step 12 screenshot

  1. Click on invite box

Step 13 screenshot

  1. Click on your integration name and click on Invite

Step 14 screenshot

16.Create .env file into the root directory




  1. Clone the Repo
  2. Install packages

    yarn install
  3. Run the script

    yarn dev
  4. Make your desired modifications and rerun the script.


Use your preferred hosting service to deploy this scrapper.

  1. render
  2. Heroku
  3. Digital Ocean
  4. AWS
  5. GCP

Just add environment variables to your favorite hosting service.

Apr 17 2022